Makiko is Cutie is the current antagonist on the Cars Community. He is the most shittiest man on Earth, he used to be a good guy, ever since a few days ago. He was no longer the user he was.


  1. Death Wishing: He was happy when Rayan Durrani's Father died, which is a VERY hurtful thing to say to someone when another person dies.
  2. Vandalism: He vandalized Alex Bartolo Wiki.
  3. Lying: He lied about not being fat despite the others telling him that he is.
  4. Betrayal: He betrays The Cars Community for Sonic.
  5. Writing False Information: He made a Wiki Page and wrote untrue stuff about the Cars Community.
  6. Scamming: He scams people by thinking that he's sorry which he is not.
  7. Death Threats: He threatens to kick people ass's or kill them if anyone calls him "fat".
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