• Alex's Bedroom is a city in Alex Bartolo's videos where all the residents of Alex Bartolo's cast members in his videos. This is where pack videos are usually made and other videos too.
  • Cast
  • Chip Gearings as Alex Bartolo
  • Next Gen LTP as Hayden Hollister
  • Cam Spinner as Sebastian Petersen

Kori Turbowitz as Riley Mitchell

Paul Conrev as Superbaddy4

Richie Gunzit as Teja Maddi

Chris Roamin’ as Shane’s Reviews

Jim Reverick as Go Force!

Parker Brakeston as Lightning McMater

Michael Rotor as Michael’s Swag Collection

Tim Treadless as Tim’s Epic Collection

Murray Clutchburn as Rayan Durrani

Jimmy Cables as Intersection 00

Flip Dover as Liam Featherstone

Rev N Go Racer as Rev N Go # 73

Conrad Camber as conrad camber 82 shiny wax

Rev Roadages as Rev Roadages Fan 76

JD McPillar as JD McPillarFan4

Todd Marcus as Todd Marcus Fan No Stall 123

TG Castlenut as Team Re-Volting TG Castlenut # 48

Fabulous Lightning McQueen as Rayan Hassan Reviews

Darren Leadfoot as Cars Fan 24

Steve LaPage as Stephen White

Reb Meeker as Tyler Uselman

Chase Racelott as Kylan Williams

Lee Revkins as Carter Unknown Last Name

Lane Locke as Brayden McShaffry

Phil Tankson as Matthew Andersen

Bubba Wheelhouse as One of the Queef’s

Aiken Axler as xcolbeh

Bobby Swift as Evertt Eubanks

Brick Yardley as Mheysonn

Bobby Roadtesta as martino.pat

Dud Throttleman as Sam Whittle

Buck Bearingly as Shane McClellan

Apple Stock Car as Kai Staurchberry

  • Tommy Highbanks as The ultimategmoney 2019 NASCAR dude

Rex Revler as Owen Matthews

Dino Draftsky as “_/DolphiN

Jack DePost as JustThat1neGuy

Fearless Freddie as Richie Gunzit 70


Spare Mint Crew Chief as Interstate 290

Sheldon Shifter as Candy Cain

Bruce Miller as Jarred Petith

Ralph Carlow as Luke Hempfing

Ponchy Wipeout as Taylor Brossau

Fillmore as Yapoi Ware

HJ Hollis as David Ndwuke

RustEze Cruz Ramirex as Lexi Frechou

Slider Pertolski as Jacob T

Greg Candyman as Drake Arnold

Ruby “Easy” Oaks as David Brown

Manny Flywheel as Luka

Billy Oilchanger as Rod

Next Gen Spare Mint (custom) as Colby McClaugherty

Charlie Checker as Bryce McClaugherty

Shannon Spokes as Rebecca Noto

Brush Curber as Chase Masley

Kevin Racingitre as Shifty Drug Studios

Cars 1 Todd Marcus as Joey Rooney

JP Drive as Caleb Fox

Cars 1 Ernie Gearson as Mustin

Markus Krankzler as Jerry Recycled Batteries (formerly Plushie aventures channel)

Dirkson D’Agostino as Leak Less 52 Claude Scruggs Racer

Brian Spark (custom) as Katie Mush  #52 AUTTP ATHDTC

  • Darren Leadfoot Cars 1 as Ralph Paino
  • Rich Mixon as Disney Fan 4
  • Dinoco McQueen as Brayhden

Cars 3 Lightning McQueen as Mattel    

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